Company Formation within 24 hours

You can run your business as a company in the UK. There are different types of companies and classification depends, among other things, on who owns the company and the extent to which those people responsible for the company’s liabilities.

If you would like to form a private limited company in the UK, our experts can help you to incorporate your company within 24 hours.

Types of companies in the UK

The most common types of companies in the UK are as below:

  • Private company limited by shares
  • Public Limited company
  • Company limited by guarantee
  • Unlimited company
  • Community interest company

A private company limited by share is the most popular type of UK incorporation company for small businesses. There is no minimum capital requirement other than one share must be issued at incorporation. This is the most suitable type of company for the small businesses in the UK

Free Company formation

If you will choose one of our accounting package, we will form your company free of charge. This will be formed as part of the accounting package.

How to form a private limited Company?

A private limited company can be registered with Companies House (a regulatory body in the UK). This is also called Company Formation or Incorporation. If you would like us to incorporate your company, please provide us with the following information:

  • Proposed company name. Check your company name availability at the Companies House
  • Registered office address of the company
  • Names of the directors and their addresses
  • Details of the company’s shares
  • Nature of the trading activities
  • Details of people with significant control over your company

Official Documents Emailed

We will send you electronic copies of Certificate of Incorporation, the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Shares Certificates. These will be sent to you as a pdf.

For more information and to arrange a free consultation, please contact us.